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Suriname is the smallest independent country in South America. Situated on the Guiana Shield, the country can be divided into two main geographic regions. The northern, lowland coastal area (roughly above the line Albina-Paranam-Wageningen) has been cultivated, and most of the population lives here. The southern part consists of tropical rainforest and sparsely inhabited savanna along the border with Brazil, covering about 80% of Suriname's land surface.

"We can make a Difference"

Surname-1-(22).JPGA party of twelve parishioners from St Agnes’ R.C Church Huyton, together with their Parish Priest Fr. Anton Fernandopulle, will soon be flying out to Suriname (formerly Dutch Guyana) the smallest country in South America.

About eighteen months ago discussions took place at a pastoral meeting in the parish, with regards to helping a Third World Project. AS it student in the Caribbean and later as a parish priest in Jamaica, Fr. Anton had become acquainted with Fr. Dorris Weewee and his work with the people of Suriname. It was decided at their meeting that St Agnes parish should be ‘twinned’ with that of Fr. Dorris, which consists of a group of eight small village communities.

For many months now, St Agnes parishioners have worked together with enthusiasm, to raise funds for this project. Events such as raffles, sponsored walks, hot-pot suppers and an ‘Irish’ night have been entered into by all age groups, making it as real parish effort. The money raised ay each of these events has been very kindly matched by Barclays Bank in Huyton, making a considerable difference to the overall amount – a gesture much appreciated by the “We can make a difference” campaigners.

On the 4th January 2010, the party from the St Agnes will set out on their journey to Brownsweg, a two hour drive form Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, where they hope to see the re-building of the church with materials they have helped to supply. There are also plans to complete a new community centre.

In response to an appeal several used lap-top computers have been generously donated here, by local people for the community centre in Suriname and a second appeal was also launched for wind-up/solar powered lights/lanterns, radios etc., as the villagers have limited access to electricity. The response to this appeal has been fantastic.

Each of the thirteen travellers (who have all funded their own expenses for the trip) are looking forward to experiencing life in a very different culture, sharing the richness of each others traditions in working and worshipping together.
Fr. Anton is pleased that responsibility for the organising of the “We can make a difference” project has been embraced by Mrs Honor Ambrose “Priests come and go, so it is important that the laity have the confidence to ‘own’ such projects and ensure that they continue to flourish in the future”

It is hoped that a group from the parish will visit Brownsweg each year, to continue to help alleviate some of the poverty in that region 

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